What You Can Do

Become an advocate for safety and noise-abatement:
  • Join our effort to generate dialogue and change. We need community support for council action.
  • Add your email address to our communications list (click here). The list will remain confidential and will not be provided to any other agency or organization or be used for marketing purposes.
  • File frequent Falcon Field noise comments and complaints with the City (see below)
  • Write letters to the editors of local newspapers; start a blog or contribute to blogs that already exist; talk to your neighbors, friends, business owners and your children's teachers and principals; contact your elected officials (click here or see contact information on the right)
  • Tell critics that private pilot/flight activity at Falcon Field was fine before a single foreign flight school dominated flight patterns, exponentially increasing the number of flights.
  • Join us at meetings held by the City or by our own group (check the News page for information on upcoming meetings).
  • Sue the airport in small claims court.

How to best utilize the City's noise complaint form:

We encourage citizens to use the complaint form often, as it's one of the best ways to let the City know about specific noise, traffic, and safety incidents that the flight school is responsible for. If you know of other people who are dissatisfied with the flight school's presence at Falcon Field, you may want to encourage them to use the complaint form as well. One of the statistics that the City likes to bring up during meetings is the number of unique households that have entered complaints (per month and per year), so more participants will have a greater impact.

Here are some tips on how to best utilize the complaint form:
  • Submitting even one complaint per month helps show the city that an increasing number of households are dissatisfied with the current level of noise and traffic.
  • Submitting multiple complaints doesn't hurt (feel free to use this spreadsheet to keep track), but the city has made it extremely tedious. Getting additional neighbors to enter at least one comment per month would have a greater impact.
  • Check out photos of CAE's aircraft here so that you can identify them specifically when entering your complaints.
  • Make note of the date/time, and optionally, any detailed information about the aircraft (sample below)
  • When time permits, enter your complaints at:
    You may also call 480-644-6647 (NOIS) and leave your complaints as a recorded message.
  • As supporters of aviation have been known to harass neighbors as they attempt to take back the community, you may wish to specify a nearby address if you don't feel comfortable giving your own - the primary goal is for the City and the airport administraton to know the general area over which the noise complaint occurred.
  • If you observe any safety issues, be sure to enter those first. Safety issues are obviously a higher priority and are supposedly addressed more promptly.
  • For any extreme safety issues (aircraft operating below 1000 ft, too many aircraft in the airspace, aircraft flying at unsafe speeds, etc), we recommend contacting the FAA directly at
    as the City has been known to ignore legitimate safety concerns, especially those involving CAE/Oxford.
  • You may want to leave general comments as well, such as "We are tired of being awaken by flight school traffic early in the morning, and are also tired of being disturbed by continuous traffic throughout the day."
  • Pilots may also wish to leave comments such as "I had to circle around the airport for 20 minutes, wasting fuel and generating noise above neighborhoods, while waiting for clearance from ATC...who was tied up dealing with the flight school."
Visit the Voter Initiative page for more more information on a solution that finally shows some promise.

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