Without getting the legally required City Manager approval, Sabena Air Academy subleased an existing facility previously used for a different purpose and began intense flight training of foreign students in 2007.

With the airport being deeply embedded in residential communities, schools, churches, and businesses on 3 sides, the unprecedented 24/7 training flights from the largest foreign flight school in North America alarmed and tormented the citizens of Mesa.

In response to the public outcry and a petition with 30 pages of citizen comments, Mayor Scott Smith convened a Task Force to address concerns of the aviation community, the business community, and the neighbors. During deliberations, Sabena stated that it had 50 aircraft and that any further expansion would be at other airports. The Task Force issued recommendations to assuage concerns of the aviation and business communities.

CAE Corporation of Montreal Canada acquired Sabena Flight Academy (and its commitments to the City) just prior to the Recession. During this economic downturn, the number of CAE/Students declined by about 66%. While periods of unending noise from the flight school continued, the reduced daytime noise and the Task Force agreement of no late evening touch and goes after the Tower closes gave the neighborhoods a modicum of relief from the noise and safety hazards.

In 2013, CAE announced a major expansion of its operation at Falcon Field. It acquired Oxford Air Academy and merged that operation with the flight school at Falcon Field. The number of aircraft swelled to 100, including an increase in twin engines.

CAE/Oxford recently announced that it plans to build a “campus” to accommodate around 400 students per year and has recently applied to have its own fuel farm at Falcon Field.

The announced target number of active aircraft is now 75, in violation of the earlier agreement by Sabena to limit aircraft to 50. The noise and danger from the now unprecedented number of low-altitude training flights up to 14 hours a day has renewed citizen alarm over safety, including the deleterious health affects of noise and lead pollution.

This website has been revamped and re-activated to inform the citizens of Mesa regarding the transformation of Falcon Field and its destructive effects on the surrounding community and what can be done to protect our families and save our neighborhoods. This threat from the skies is primarily from CAE/Oxford's effective takeover of the airport.

This website provides tools and resources to stay current with events at Falcon Field. Our goal is to work with City and other municipal officials to create positive, effective and long-lasting change.

We need your help.
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