CAE Oxford Aircraft

You may not realize it, but up to 95% of the aircraft you see and hear taking off/landing at Falcon Field are operated by CAE Oxford Aviation Academy student pilots. Below you'll find photos of these aircraft to help you identify them.

Diamond DA40

The Diamond DA40 is one of the two most common aircraft model flown by CAE (the other being the Piper Archer). It has a slightly louder/lower pitched sound when compared to the Archer. Note the thin-looking tail and the high-mounted tailwing.

Side View

Bottom View

Diamond DA42

The Diamond DA42 looks quite similar to the DA40, except it has 2 engines. It emits a much louder/lower pitched sound than the DA40 but has the same thin-looking tail and high-mounted tailwing. CAE does not fly the DA42s as often as the DA40s.

Side View

Bottom View

Piper Archer TX

The Piper Archer is the other most common aircraft model flown by CAE. Note the 3 longitudinal stripes on each wing, as well as the blue underbody/tailwing that can be seen on on most CAE Archers.

CAE also flies twin engine Pipers (possibly the Seminole), which look similar to the single engine Archer TX. Photos will be posted as they become available, or feel free to contact us if you have any you'd like to submit.

Bottom View

Side View

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